Monday, June 13, 2016

06.13.16 Windy during the day....but stunning at night

      Well day one started out shaky but it got much better. We drove around the island looking for a place sheltered from the wind but it continued to blow and the clouds covered any chance of sight fishing. Steve side see a couple of bass on the flats that I was venturing out onto. Later in the day I took the walk inside the pond but came up empty. a few of the boys hit the sod bank on the outgoing and did well, one dropping a nice fish that went +/- 35 inches. 
     The wind did die and go west which set up a nice evening on Lobsterville. For me it was mostly baby tarpon, i.e.. hickory shad, some of the biggest I have ever caught. As I had one dancing in the cut trying to avoid the fly line picking up mung, a large, large bass came up out of the shadows and took a swipe. I did manage 3 bass to 26 inches, and met a guy who landed one on a floating sand eel fly that went 36". He had bass rolling and slurping in front of him before we met met and he took good advantage of it. Tomorrow is another day, and I hope to find some bass cruising the flats.