Saturday, August 25, 2012

08.25.12 Stopped by the marina while down in Belmar

     During a break in the action I took a quick ride down to West Marine in Belmar to look further into the Lowrance HDS-8 Gen 2 unit. I am pretty settled into that unit and I'll couple that with the

Lowrance 4G Broadland radar. I enjoy that store and always manager Dan Kroll very helpful, as he was today. After I went over to the marina to watch as the headboats came in. The Miss Belmar Princess was loaded with anglers and gator bluefish alike. I watched as burlap bag after burlap bag came off the boat. The mates were busy weighing for the pool winner and filleting fish that customers caught. Between the boats at the dock there can't be too many big blues out there because they put a hurtin' on them today.