Tuesday, August 21, 2012

08.21.12 Left the bluefish tailing after I snapped my spey rod

     I made it a point to have nothing to do mid afternoon looking to catch the end of the outgoing into dead low tide. It's been fishy on that tide with bluefish coming in on the hunt for what we think is spot tucked into the rocks. I got down there a little earlier then I wanted to and had battle the E wind that was pushing chest high breakers every 5 seconds. I went with my spey rod this afternoon knowing I would need a little distance coupled with a bigger popper I would be throwing.
     I worked the beach for about 2 hours occasionally seeing the large blues out of range. I found my way out to a sand bar to get a little closer and on my second cast I felt the rod splinter. Dejected, I reeled in my popper all the way to the tip and walked off the beach, and then drove home.