Sunday, August 19, 2012

08.19.12 Good morning for some casting lessons

     Beautiful morning along the Jersey Shore. Stunning sunrise gave way to cloud cover with a N wind at 5-8. It made for a good casting lesson morning. Had Craig out getting ready for the fall run and he's right on target to be a bass threat in a few months. We had the wind, we had the incoming, and into the high tide so line management in the air and in the water was the lesson of the day. After a nice long cast a feisty fluke hit his Clouser which was well deserved. We've been working together for a few months, and I wish I could have been there when he caught his first striper. But recently he spent two days fishing with Orvis Endorsed Guide Tony Biski in Chatham, Cape Cod and Tony put him on bass and blues both days.

Craig with a nice Cape Cod bass aboard Capt. Tony Biski's Jones Brothers