Sunday, August 5, 2012

08.05.12 High stickin' keeper fluke off the end of the rocks

     There were no bass around for me this morning but after a lot of hard work the fluke bite came on the incoming tide. Started out tossing flies for bass but didn't have a bite outside of a small bluefish that flipped off on top of a wave. I decided to take a short drive and hooked up with Richie who had already made his way up the beach one time. We decided to make another "drift" and picked up the just  shy short below while fishing the wash. Looking at the picture I think I should have measured it again because it looks keeper sized to me now.

      We worked our way down the beach until I hit the rocks and decided to hit the end and see if there were any fluke hidden among the rocks on the incoming tide. I made several long casts, then shortened up and high sticked my 9ft rod with the 350 grain line and I felt a strike that I missed. I made a short cast, raised my arm and this time didn't miss as I saw the 19" fluke hit the Sandsweeper just before I pulled it out of the water. Landing the fish was difficult because the rocks were wet and covered in a black slime that made them extra slippery. I had to lay down on the lowest rock and tried a lip grab, ouch, before getting the fish behind the gill plate and lifting it out of the water.

     I made a few more casts hoping to catch a second one for the table tonight but that didn't happen. Luckily my family likes fluke and my daughter cooks them up just right. The only problem is this one fish won't feed my small army of six.