Tuesday, April 10, 2012

04.10.12 Found a fly fisherman while out on a scout

     Went out for a scouting mission looking for birds, fish, or anything fishy looking. Wind was blowing and gusting from the W and that made for flat water but it called for some combat casting depending on what side of the rocks you were fishing to. I took a drive down to Seaside Park to see if any of the swarms of gannets were around that guys in the boats have been chasing. I saw a few birds here and there, but didn't venture into IBSP were I could see a bunch of boats outside Barnegat Inlet.

I worked my way north and found a fly angler on the south jetty working the outgoing tide. Luckily I had my "real" camera with a long lens and I was able to shoot him from the south side and then from down from grade on the north side. It's always nice to find a fly angler to shoot, especially at a location that I don't always hit. I stopped and fished a few towns up and didn't get a bite, and neither did a guy soaking clams off the beach. Tomorrow I have a client coming in to fish so I'll have my work cut out for me.