Monday, April 2, 2012

04.02.12 Glad we know better than Mother Nature

     Well today the N wind was steady today and I scouted the Navesink River and along Ocean Ave from Sea Bright down to Sea Girt. Not a fishermen out there except the Miss Belmar Princess who I saw heading north while I was in Deal and then coming into the Shark River Inlet on my way back up. I could see they had bass on the table as they headed under the bridge.


     All along the beaches there was heavy machinery screening and moving sand from the berms they had created in the fall. Some redistribute it all the beach, others push the sand down into the water. Stupid us, don't we know Mother Nature puts sand and water where and when she wants? In Asbury Park 8th Ave is getting another new look parking lot. Last year it was telephone polls and parking meters, this year it's lights and a concrete median?

     I made a pass down in Spring Lake at the Wreck Pond outflow to see if there was any birds working. There were a few gannets diving just passed where the stained water ended and the really clean water flowed. When coming back through Asbury Park I noticed a bunch of gannets dive bombing the water a ways out so I stopped and shot a little video. I heard they were in closer off of Deal a little earlier then when I was there.