Tuesday, April 10, 2012

04.09.12 Worth the trip to Orvis Marlton....and stopped by for a 5 o'clock harvest

     Today I ventured back to the Orvis Marlton, New Jersey store. It's a beautiful store and worth the trip for those anglers who live outside of the Marlton- Cherry Hill area. It's New Jersey's only Orvis store and it's set in a large shopping complex with tons of other stores that you could browse. Ed Fowler is the store manager and he has worked in other Orvis locations in Massachusetts and Connecticut. 
     Many of us have seen our local fly shops close over the years and many of us shop via the internet and by catalogue. But if you want expert advice and want to try waders on, cast a rod, or browse tying materials then a visit to this store should be on your lets-take-a-ride list. It's located on Route 73 in Camden and is a straight shot out Route 70. 

     On my way home I stopped by the first trout stream I ever fished, the Manasquan River. Today was the stocking day and the water was open for fishing (and taking) at 5 o'clock. Well at five the harvest started. Fat heads, worms, spinners, salmon eggs- everything seemed to eventually work. Anglers limited out and left, and then someone moved in for more. It's not my style of fishing...but hey, it was at one time.