Thursday, September 16, 2021

09.16.21 "Got Bait?"....

     Didn't know what to expect this morning...well I kinda did. Usually the second week of September we see the mullet run, and there's bass on them. Sometimes its a week early or a week late. On Monday we have the September Harvest Moon, which is full. That should get the bait moving. Of course I was way to early this morning hitting the water just after high tide, about 430 AM. Ran a snake fly across three beaches without a tap. When Leif showed up I was making my way to my truck. 

     I took a ride down to the Manasquan and found a guy seining on a flat for bait, and it was like when Jesus told the apostles in the boat to cast their nets. It was silversides, good sized ones, and a lot of them. As light arrived I watch as bait swam around mostly without being bothered, looks like some snapper blues were in chase. After a short ride I found more peanuts than spearing, and they too weren't

being harassed by things below the surface, although a variety of birds attached from above. Can't wait until next week after the moon to be there when the bait pours out front, hopefully there's some bass.