Tuesday, September 14, 2021

09.14.21 Woke up to go but didn't....

     If I lived closer I would have went. Woke at 3 am just before the buzzer was set to go off. Thought about it and rolled over and went back to bed. Today is a late start at work but I couldn't face the dejection of driving home tired and fishless. 

     Its that week. Full moons a coming in five days and the bait has started to show, spearing, bay anchovies, and depending on who you talk to some mullet, thats out front. In the back of the bass and rivers the bay ebbs and flows with the tide and there are some bass and blues around to chase them. But you have to be ready to fish the tides, regardless of the time of day that they hit. High tides have been around 2 am, so you know that means graveyard shifts. 

     I had the need to fish so I took the short drive downriver and made some casts without a bump on the incoming tide. I'm do for a graveyard shift, one of those 3 am - 8 am tries, but it just is such a pain and it seems the bass haven't shown up yet or are not moving in on the bait. I know, wha wha wha. Just shut up and fish.