Tuesday, September 29, 2020

09.28.20 Okay, now there'll be a lull between the fish....

     Yep, here's my 22'er, pounder, no, incher, yes. You have to go when you can go, so I go when I can in between work and school. Had a good feeling, outgoing tide, SW wind, allegedly tons of bait our front in the corners. 

     I got down around 830 and first thing I realized no head light. Luckily there was enough moon light to enable me to see. I had a plan, three stops, hit it and quit it. First stop, guys in all the wrong places, my places. Walked the beach with a nasty right to left sweep and rouge waves every now and then. Almost got face planted as I snuck up to the trough. Luckily I managed a 30 foot recovery before standing upright. 

Second stop, up and down a groin two times without anything. Next stop on the south side of the inlet hoping the bass had the exiting bait pinned in the corner pocket. Nope, not a touch. Without a light I really couldn't tell what the water quality was, and it seems to vary from town to town. One thing that for sure, theres structure there now, and bait, we just need some fish in numbers to show. A few towns north Dr Tony picked up a nice 30 inch specimen on what looked like a rubber shad. 

    So my idea was to avoid the nursery of bait and bass but I couldn't resist the urge to check it out. Nearly dead low, a mere trickle of the water that usually moves through, and bass stacked up gorged out on bait they had 6 hours to chase and chew. I got one at 22 inches and a micro bass, but by the sound of the tail slaps there might be some bigger fish feeding at the funnel. Stayed way to long, felt like a loser, but it worked for last night.