Sunday, September 6, 2020

09.04.20 Shakedown run.....should have kept running

     Star Date Sept 4, 2020. Start of Labor Day weekend. Around 530 AM, two hours into the flood tide. Hardly any water. Not much for bait except bunker flipping a aways out. 

     Glad I made the trip.Good to shake the cobwebs out. Funny how I get weak in the knees when I go out on the rocks again, even in calm conditions. I think as I get older I just get afraid of wiping out really hurting myself. Oh yeah, check your waders! Just because you can hear metal as you step on the rocks it doesn't mean its good and meaty. It'll just cause you to skate and break your ass. Check your studs!

      First trip with the Yukon. I have it all dolled up so theres a mat and some bins for my gear. No more getting in it with waders and just running to a another block. I'm keeping this nice. I went through my gear standing on Phillips. Flies are old and rusty and not the correct ones. Leader material is getting low. Time to tighten it up and get ready. Snake Flies at the vice this week......MULLET!!!!!!