Tuesday, November 12, 2019

11.12.19 Yep, should have been there yesterday......

     On the road by 230 am- fly in the water by 4. By 530 I had made 1,000 casts and I was done. Incoming. Big water. Hard sweep. Off color. SW. Didn't see bait or working birds. Saw one small bass flip. Shit. 

What a difference a day makes. 

     Before joining Leif in the pocket I chose to fish a notched groin thinking the right to left sweep might be deflected off the beach end rocks creating a semi-pocket.....um no. Water ripping. Fish not sipping. Shit. 

     After nearly four hours I had enough and made my way north. By then the wind went NW and it made this spot at the hook nice. Flat beach that leads to a nice trough that is kind of a bowl, and is one of my favorite bass fishing spots, especially when peanuts are around. Today, even on the end of the incoming, there was enough force of the water to almost put me on my ass in less than a foot of water.  The only thing I saw out there were a pain of what looked like sea lions patrolling the beach. They were the biggest seals I've seen in New Jersey.

     Got a text today with a request for a Sunday boat trip.......um no. Thursday looks good but very cold, but at least no wind. Fish will be caught on Thursday, maybe the last of the peanuts emptying out.