Monday, November 11, 2019

11.11.19 Guess today was the day to be fishing......

Leif Petersen photo

Capt Paul Eidman photo
     Well we didn't know if today was going to happen. Would the peanuts empty out of the bay and river? Would those bay fish just exit straight out and not stage right? Was it over? Ot late? It sounded like if you had a line in the water today from the beach or boat, from the Hook to the Raritan, to West Bank to Coney Island, between the channels and down to Asbury you were kinds in the area where the fish were, and hopefully are.

Thats where I was
     I got good intel this past weekend while up in the ADK's with Lauren visiting Paul Smith's College. Today it was work on the kitchen, which is a total rehab, (with a countdown to Thanksgiving in progress), and drive to Clinton to pick up a chandelier. Very far from the salt water. What a beautiful day with temps in the high 50's and not much wind.

     I've heard the river temps and bay temps are dropping like a stone with mid 40 readings common, that'll push the bait out along with the moon. The big question is, are the fish I (whoever) caught today going to be there tomorrow, and if not, will another wave of bait and bass make their way down the beach? And hopefully while I am there.

Leif Petersen photo
  Temps are going to drop the next few days and that'll come with some 20+ mph winds out of the SW, W, and NW, depending on the day. Next week things will get back to normal temps. Hopefully hitting the beach tomorrow before the cold and snow......we'll see whats out there.