Tuesday, October 22, 2019

10.21.19 Lucky to just be in the area....

     Was down by the beach and was hoping to get in on some midday high tide fishing.....forget it. N-NE winds at 17-23 had the water a mess and pretty much unfishable, or just ugly. Checked from Deal up to the Hook and didn't find fishy water. Gave it a go at the Hook for about 5 mins but between the color, the sweep, and the tide running up the beach I gave up. 

     Did find this nice big sailboat beached probably after getting caught in the big water or ripped from its mooring somewhere. 

     We've had our first push of fish last week and into the weekend and the boats put a beating on them and then shut it down due to the high traffic and operators not knowing how to play nice and not mess up the bite. Word has it there are lots of big fish outside if the three-mile line and boats "are looking for bluefish or bluefin" and find themselves on blitzes on bunker, sandals, or rain bait. It is illegal to "target" striped bass past that line......but whatever.

     One of my stops was at Little Monmouth and I was amazed to see water up to the wall and the groin fully exposed. I remember just a few years back when Pallone gloated over how "replenished" those beaches were. You know the ones in Monmouth County where his voters live. With all the sand pulled out to the ever growing bars its hard to fly fish and catch unless those bass and blues come in to sniff or actually follow bait. For spin guys its super long casts on or just over the bar where the bass patrol. It will be interesting to see if the bait in the back comes out and makes a right, or a left, and travels down the beach or go out into deeper water. Liking that Im hearing sandeels are or might be around....that usually makes for good fishing in the dark or low light.