Thursday, October 3, 2019

10.01.19 There's a nice fish here and there.....

     While most anglers are reporting consistent fish from 18-16 inches every now and then a good one pop up and grabs an offering. And when I say good one its a fish thats just under 28 inches to about 30 inches. While they used to be more abundant for whatever reason, and we all have our own theories, the good ones just aren't around. The above fish was taken by Joe upon his return to NJ from Block Island where it was mostly small bass and no albies. 

     The bait is there, mostly still in the back of the bays and rivers, and it shows unpredictably out front when it wants. One day rain bait and mullet, the next day nothing. We need some cold weather to move things, both the bait and the bass. I'm hearing the albies, well have popped up, here and there mostly at the Hook and at the inlets. 

     I'm working hard on getting the next chapter in my life going, which opens October 15th. I'm getting out here and there but that 1 hour plus drive there and back to the salt is a killer unless I have 7 hours total to kill for that day.