Saturday, February 23, 2013

02.23.13 Great day at Ramsey Outdoors- Paramus

     Well the rainy weather made for a perfect "Cabin Fever Day" at Ramsey Outdoors- Paramus. The day started at 10 with several tiers, manufacturers, vendors and clubs set up for people to browse while the speakers got ready to present. Saw lots of interest over at the Orvis table in the H2 and the Guide Sling Pack, I even saw a guy I know buy two packs, one for himself and his son. Rich Strolis started things off with his streamer presentation followed by George Daniel on Trout Lessons 2012 and myself wrapping it up with Intro to New Jersey Saltwater Fly Fishing. The attendees were great and from what I hear all happy with the seminars. One thing all three of us had in common, we all went over time, but, like I said, that's because we're so passionate about the our topic. That, or we just rambled on too much!
     When we weren't talking we set up and tied and did a meet and greet for those that stopped by the table. Thanks to Ryan and the crew for inviting me to a great day.