Sunday, February 3, 2013

02.02.13 In the wee hours I found a great video posted on Facebook.....

I always try and use original content on this blog, but sometimes stuff is so good I have to share a great find. This is a collaboration between Bob Popovic's and Brian Schneider from Media House Saltwater Productions.

     If I told you twenty years ago that during one of your sleepless type nights you could one day wake up, turn on a device, and watch videos or read what your friends are doing or what their thinking about?
     Well I couldn't sleep for nothing and decided to flick on the computer and get on Facebook. I was pleasantly surprised to see this video from 2001 featuring Bob's Banger that someone had shared on their wall. Not only is it a just a great video, but for that time and where technology was, it is fantastic.
     I can only imagine the VHS recorder that was used to shoot the video and how hard the editing process was. Just fantastic.