Tuesday, February 12, 2013

02.12.13 Hooky and fly tying materials

     Today my daughter and I played hooky and took a ride down to The Adventure Aquarium in Camden. We went last year on February 26th and at that time I bought a season pass for me, which allows me and a guest to get in for free. So I wanted to use it one last time before it expires. The entrance fee is usually 24.95 for adults and 17.95 for kids plus the 10.00 parking, so I was glad to be off the hook one last time. It was good as usual, but between you and me I'm done in about an hour.
     On the way home we hit The Sportsmen's Center and stocked up on fly tying materials for springtime flies. I am going to be tying up a bunch of different blood and sand worm flies for the early spring bass in the rivers and bays. I am going to partner up a worm fly with a Pulse Disc and see what that does to the bass in less then a month from now.