Tuesday, April 26, 2011

04.26.11 Back to the grind and getting ready for the One Bug this weekend

     Nothing like getting back from vacation and getting slammed with work and kid stuff. I have to clear some photo assignment work before I leave for the Catskills on Friday morning. This weekend I'll be guiding for the Friends of the Upper Delaware River (FUDR) annual One Bug Tournament. It's my first year and I'm glad I was picked to guide it. It goes from Friday night dinner through Saturday and Sunday on the river. We find out what our beat is on Friday. Today the West Branch was over 5,200 cfs and is now coming down and is 4,200. All the rivers up there are running high, if not blown out, regardless of what you may hear or read. The only way to go is to drift one of the rivers. Hopefully the reservoirs will stop spilling, the rain will stop falling, and the runoff will stop running so we can get on with spring. The bugs are there now, it's just hard get fish to get up to them. Streamers have been the ticket.
     I did find a small window to hit the flume on 8th Avenue in Asbury Park today. S wind at 5-10 with no one out, except one surfer on the Loch Arbor side.