Saturday, April 2, 2011

04.02.11 Busy day, went to prison, picked up the drift boat, took the big boat for a bath

       Bayside State Prison       AP Photo

     Had a super busy day. Started off getting up at 5 am to visit my friend in prison in South Jersey. One thing I am glad of, that I am not in his shoes. Visitation is held in a large gym with sets of seats set up in rows. Inmates on one side, visitors on the other. I watched as parents, friends, wives, and kids came in and smiled and lit up when they saw their loved one. It is really something to see. I couldn't help but wonder what each story would be like if it were in a documentary. No matter what, you have to feel for the kids. I stayed for two hours. We had a nice visit, and lucky for me, I could leave when it was done.

    I then ran up the Parkway and picked up my other friend who helped me out today as I juggled my boats around. First I had to pick up Julie who got her new paint on yesterday. I still have to add some stickers and maybe an accent stripe and she'll all set for the trip to Roscoe. How good do those new rims and tires look? I am very happy with the new look, and if the Gluv-It helps the bottom and stopped the leak we should be like new. Then we had to move Das' Boot from my father's construction yard to another location. During the trip I took a detour and we stopped and washed it at a large bay car wash. It cleaned up nicely. Now I just have to get someone to once over it to see if it will be worth it to get it going and in the water. Everyone in my camp, I mean everyone, says burn it, junk it, bury it, donate it, yada yada. I met a nice guy at Lockwood Marine in South Amboy who I might ask to give it a look over before I decide what to do. I purchased this boat during a real bad time in my life, and I never really got to enjoy it, and it basically sat for just about 9 years. Well I'm in a better place now and I'd like to get it going and chase some stripers with it!