Wednesday, April 6, 2011

04.06.11 Checked out the Raritan Bay with a stop in Union Beach

Cool temps in the air and water are keeping things in the back bays and surf quiet. I read on Scott's Bait and Tackle that anglers on Graveling Point hit the early jackpot the other day as a pod of keeper fish came in to munch on clams and worms. Water temps still in the low to mid 40's. Today I went to Union Beach to check on the sod banks there. A few guys were set up watching their bait soak. No action at all. The bay was clear, but later me and a buddy hit White Diamond in Clark for lunch and on the way back I glanced at the bay from the Driscoll Bridge and it was heavily stained from Raritan River runoff. Hopefully things kick off soon. Maybe I'll hit the Nuke plant outflow before I head to Florida next week. I'm staying in Vero Beach near Sebastian Inlet State Park. Tomorrow it's off to Roscoe for a sit down with Evan from the Beaverkill Angler.