Tuesday, January 11, 2022

01.11.22 SOLD! and then off to birthday dinner

      SOLD! Nice little birthday present, for me selling, and for Sergio buying. Sergio owns The Family Mexican Grill in Hillsborough, HERE, from what he tells me its good. Our girls love Mexican food so I'm going to take him up on a meal there. 

Now there's some money to get the boat up and running and ready for the Delaware River, only 47 days to go until the season opens, although March 1st is a tad early for where I fish. Looking at the USGS today, I'd say it'll have to warm up a bit. 

     And back to speaking of meals. With tonight being my birthday and Theresa's tomorrow it was date night at one of our favorite hangs, The Swan bar in Lambertville. Now there's Anton's at the Swan which is the fancy restaurant which once was The Swan Hotel, and attached to that is the bar, The Swan. I'm not generally a birthday guy, and getting old really does suck on so many levels, but it was a good day. I made a lot of progress on a fly I am designing, even field tested it in the freezing cold, sold the Yukon and shared birthday dinner with my favorite bud.