Tuesday, August 17, 2021

08.17.21 Not much fishing going on.....

     Been doing a little everything during these dog days of a ridiculously hot and wet summer. Mercer County has been like a sauna and a rain forest. Temperature control inside our big ol' house has been impossible. My basement is wet and sticky and a moist mess. That said its only been a few times out on the Delaware or searching for snakeheads in some local ponds. Erin and I encountered the below dinosaur when on the prowl in a buggy and lily pad choked  pond. 

     One evening decided to take a romantic cruise down the river for some dinner. I had the boat in the water and Theresa met me in her scrubs after work. Nice plan. Nice ride for the first 25 minutes. My goal was to get to Curtain's in Burlington City to catch a bite and a beer and the sunset. Well about two miles away the sky was looking kind of gray, and a mile away the heavens opened up, like really opened up. We motored in and found...

they are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. I should have checked the weather or bailed out when I saw the sky but I was laser focused on having a nice dinner. In the end we dried off on the way back and by

the time we hit Bordentown it was a beautiful sky and sunset and dry as a bone as the rain line was somewhere around Florence. Each time I hit the river I can't believe how much of a river it is, seeing it from the waters perspective. The other thing that I didn't know is that in parts below Trenton channels and deep holes hit over 50 feet deep. The other thing is the 9 foot tide has to be taken into account when wading but also when putting in and taking out. I don't want to go there about taking out on low tides.

     In between work and putzing around the house and river there has been Cape May. Love it down there. Next summer thinking of keeping the boat at a local marina. I really have to figure out something for the radar on Jim's boat, it isn't stable and is surely not good for the boat, the unit, or passengers.