Saturday, August 7, 2021

08.07.21 Nice Delaware River shakedown trip....

     So its kind of interesting. I have a boat and fished the Delaware River hard all spring never once getting it wet. I'm kinda glad I did. Besides boat fish not counting, as they say, it was good for me to concentrate on walking and learning the river without the aid of a boat. I thanked for my first season it was a good move. 

     What can I say about today? WOW!. Why? Because that river is deep and it is wide and it is long! Its not until you see it from about can you appreciate it. And I did. I see why Trenton the end of the teal range is such a pinch point for the bass, that and Scudder's Falls and Lambertville and further north. 

     Erin and I put in at Trenton, where I purchased a season pass, and headed up to behind Cooper'sd and then down as far south as the Turnpike Bridge. Along the way we stopped at Debby's in Florence for some ice cream. 

     I had the rod on the boat and made a few casts but it wasn't a fly fishing day. It felt good to get the boat out. I think there's a part of me that is kinda scared. This boat is not like mine and has been rigged up and don't know all that it has and can do. Between that and sinking my pick up last year getting it out of the water at Atlantic Highlands had me a bit gun shy also. But it likes riding a horse, you fall off, you get back on. I'm not too thrilled with the way the Yukon tows it so doesn't help either. When I got back home I went to give it a bath with my neighbors pressure washer and as soon as I turned it on it blew out where the high pressure hose was kinked. If that was all that wrong on the shakedown trip that's okay by me.