Sunday, January 24, 2021

01.24.21 No Fly Fishing Show this weekend....

      Yep, would have been a good time, for many reasons, to enjoy the fly fishing show n catch up with old and new friends. While my fly tying room is full, there are a few things I need to get, so I'll reach out to Brad Buzzi and see if I can stock up before the season. 

      Looking at the next year schedule Edison's show is Jan 28-30th. 

     And while this blog is political, it can skirt the fringes of politics, current, events and fly fishing. Memes- I still don't know what that word means, have become a daily occurrence on social media, and now the mainstream media. while I listened to the inauguration on the radio between patients, I guess Bernie Sanders put on a show with his outfit and look while seated and social distancing. Some of them we pretty funny, not mocking the man, just whitty. Here's one to do with fly fishing and the other, just funny.