Monday, January 11, 2021

01.11.21 Gettin' her ready.....

     So my wife asked what I wanted to do for my birthday. We, I said, "I want to take my boat and get some gas". I dragged my mom along for the ride, and she too thought, local gas station, get gas, be home in 30 minutes. However, the gas I wanted was ethanol-free and it was from WaWa which was located in Allentown, PA, about and hour and 10 minutes away. 

     Well I got to get the trailer out and about and some heat on the tires and axle. Found out that the drivers side lights are out and need to be redone. When I got the boat home I gave her a once over, emptied the compartments and fired her up. After a quick charge on the battery and some water to keep her cool she purred like a kitten. 

     March 1st the Delaware River opens and so does the Rarity Bay. I'll be out early this year, and the boat will meet the Delaware for the first time. No sense in winterizing her now, and forget the shrink wrap, I'm praying for a mild winter. 

     And for dinner on this 53rd birthday? A great meal with a trio of great ladies at Tony Da Caneca in Newarks' Ironbound section. We had cataplana a "algarvia, paella Valencia. and skirt steak followed by some delicious desserts. It was a Nic e change of scenery from the usual haunts in Mercer and Hunterdon Counties.