Wednesday, January 20, 2021

01.20.21 President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.....

     Today Joe Biden and Kamala Harris took their oath of office. While this is a a fly fishing blog, every now and then I like to include some important events and give my two cents. I'm embarrassed the way our politicians act, well let me say the more extremist types on the far right and far left. I'm also embarrassed for the way the citizens of this country act, well let me say the more extremist types on the far right and left. I despise the media, well let me sat the more extremist biased types of the far right and left. 

     We have become, or allowed us to become a nation divided. Divided because we pick sides, and even through the rhetoric and, well bullshit, we, as hypocrites, wave the banner and yell all the while we are holding ourselves in some higher morale character then the people around us. We have become a nation of cowards and followers, like sheep. 

     I prefer to keep myself in the middle of the road, you know kind of Average. Pulse doesn't change either way. I will always support, but may not vote for the current President. I supported Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump, and now Biden. Joe Biden is MY President. If Trump won he would be MY President. I always hated to see people saying "Not My President", well folks thats just not true. If you are a citizen of these United States, then there is only one President, and now, thats Joe Biden.

     You can think that a president isn't your president, just like your parents aren't your parents, your boss isn't your boss, or that you don't have to pay taxes or obey the law, well you do. Now that doesn't mean you have to agree with everything that that person or party believes. Now that's hard to believe when you see how lopsided the votes are in the Senate and the House. Party lines, have to go, as does term limits, and hopefully one day the two-party system. 

     So now I hope, and may God Bless Biden and Harris as they lead us forward. They will do their best, succeed hopefully at most, hopefully be able to make amends when they fail, all the while the people of this great country stop hiding behind the bullshit and look out and care for each other. Stop believing everything the media tells you, stop reading to social media bullshit from strangers, family and friends, and take care of yourself and each other. 

And can we all just go fishing?