Thursday, January 14, 2021

01.14.21 "Here's your mail....".

     It was nice to look up and see something in writing anything other than psych. Theresa handed me the On the Water 2021 Anglers Almanac, which reads "Your Guide to Fishing New Jersey". 

Mmmmm...I like to read about fishing New Jersey, because that where I fish

    I was eager to get into this issue while I had some time between patients. Now last year someone I know graced the cover of one of the issues. It was the New Jersey edition, nut the image was shot up in Massachusetts. I know stripers move, but I think, that issues that are titled by state, should have images from that state and fishery, otherwise I call "Fake News". 

     This years cover, as always great cover art work done by OTW editors, is well, shot somewhere. Could be Jersey, could be Montauk or Block, we'll never know, and most people don't care.

     Now inside, the usual great layouts and mix of art and words. Pete Barret does the fly article, which isn't Jersey, per se. And then the articles go on, wind farms, clamming, boulder fields, ice fishing, striped bass, brown trout in I missing something? 

     Jimmy Fee, the editor, does a great job. Its nice to see magazines still out there and some, making a profit or a living. Its nice that they pay for content, and I have been lucky to both provide images, inside and cover, and articles, for print. That said, hopefully next year 'the guide" will be more of that. Maybe all the articles for that state written by Captains and anglers who spend round the calendar year fishing for striped bass. I'm in. 

702 PM update.....sent from a friend- maybe it was caught in New Jersey, or not