Sunday, January 3, 2021

01.03.21 So here's the best of 2020....

     So the kid will always win. Looking back on 2020, and through the mess, mess of Covid, mess of the way we acted as human beings, the mess of politics, there was some good fishing times. I could say I had a good year, really started to get dialed in, just get dialed in, not dialed in, to the Delaware River striped bass fishery, good times, but that f'in drive, along the Jersey Shore, the much anticipated Martha's Vineyard week, and a shot on the Upper Delawareduring the summer. And the winner is.....

     ....May 13th and fishing a higher tide at the Trenton Makes Bridge with Erin. Why? Because it was time together, and yes, because she caught a fish. While we know its not about catching, sometimes you need to catch some fish in order to get the disorder brewing. You can recap that night HERE

      Erin's first fish on a fly rod, well officially, was May 21, 2009, you can recap that HERE. I know enough with the kid already, but the early one, from 12 years ago is a fun read. You all know my 

kids, made or borrowed, have never followed my footsteps with fly fishing. They may pick it up to appease me, but never on their own, and for never more than five minutes. I have given up all hope, but then every now and then my last true hope, Erin, says or does something to hang on. In 2017, she showed an interest in tying flies, that lasted, well about a night, but the seed was planted. And this


year she landed a few striped bass on the fly, now the seed is starting to grow some roots. Hopefully 2021 will have her see all the wonderful things fly fishing can bring into her life, time with dad, time outdoors, meeting new people, and beginning a life long passion, and addiction, that we all enjoy.