Friday, January 1, 2021

01.01.21.....Happy 2021

     Happy New Years to you and yours! Hope its healthy and Covid free, quarantine ending, financially rewarding, and if revenant to your life, very fishy. I got fishy plans this year, some old, some new, some group, some solo. This year will be very fishy for me...I just need it. I see a drift boat back in my life sometime, not sure just when. I love to have one, even if I'm not guiding. Sadly my aluminum boat would have suited me well bouncing off the boulders down here in my parts of the Delaware while on the hunt for stripers, but it is was what is was and is what it is. 

     Before my truck took a salt bath in December I had ordered historic and personalized plates. After completing the application and "proof" process" I waited, and in the meantime dam near sank her, but just before the new year the plates arrived. 

     If you know me then you know I am huge Grateful Dead fan. In 2009 I introduced BERTHA, a conversion van that served my family well since the mid 1990's. In good time she was sold but I still have the plates. So when it came to naming my 1995 GMC pick up it would have to be a different name

 as there will only ever be one BERTHA. So I took a shot, figuring all the Dead related names would be going, but I was wrong. So I introduce, well you've seen her before, ALTHEA. Below is a little jingle sung by Jerry in 1991, enjoy!