Saturday, December 19, 2020

12.19.20 Okay, where's the bite along the Jersey Shore?

     The last time I saw the Island Beach State Park area like this was in 2011. It was a sand eel bite then, and is now. It also reminds me of the early staging days on the Salmon River, which I witnessed one time in the early 1990's. 

     While IBSp can be great for the fly rodder, just look at the points and bowls in the above picture, setting up some space for a backcast on days like this is dam near impossible. If you're like me you'd rather fish alone where there are no fish then be out with 1,000 strangers with fish in front of you. Its no anti-social, well maybe it is. 

     The above photo was taken by Tom Lynch, of Anger Fish Gallery, in Point Pleasant, you can see his website HERE. He has great gift ideas for the angler in your life.