Sunday, December 13, 2020

12.13.20 Looks like we'll be getting our first taste of winter....

     So when I lived in Red Bank a few snow shovels and then a Toro snowblower were all I needed. I enjoyed getting myself free and clean of the snow and helping my neighbors out up and down the block. I always like the people that do themselves and then retreat inside. I could help others for hours.

     Then when I moved out to the country I had to get a tractor. The above I found on Facebook Marketplace and Theresa, I and the girls drove out to Amish Country to pick her up. Mowed the grass one time and then the engine blew. Recently I found another Kohler engine and purchased it and the guy who's mechanic and small engine tinkerer rebuilt my old one. She runs real good now. 

      This Case 224 comes with a large mowing deck, a plow, a grass and leaf picker upper and the above snow blower. Today Jim took a look at my truck and helped me get the snow blower hooked up for Wednesday night, when it looks like we might get a foot or more along the Delaware River corridor. 

     Besides Jim I had a little help from one of the girls today. I love chickens, don't tell my dogs but they are the best pets. This one hung around today for about an hour as I worked, and was nice enough to hold her bowels until she joined the flock. 

     I was hoping to have her running today. So far so good, she turns over, and all the fluids and filters are changed along with the plugs and distributor and rotor. I'm having a problem with the fuel, which if you look at it doesn't look good for engine consumption. I removed the fuel filter and tried to siphon the gas from the fill, but it doesn't want to come out. when I put the ignition on the fuel pump shoots out some fuel, but I need to get the tank bone dry, and don't yet want to have to drop the tank. We're still moving forward, slowly, but we're moving, this will run again!

     As far as fishing, get it in while you can. Smaller fish around on the beaches, better in Ocean County than Monmouth but just go where you can. We'll see if the fronts affect the bite. 

     And lastly I got tested for Covid on Thursday. asymptomatic but had been around someone who tested positive. CVS did mine, in fact I did it in the drive through. Just went and made an appointment a few days before. If you don't to swift, or around someone who has tested positive its good to have a test of your own. No cash, no insurance needed, I didn't give them anything.