Thursday, December 10, 2020

12.10.20 Not a paid endorser but this is what I use...

     For those of us that fish when we can the third shift 11pm-7am is part of the addiction. Having a headlight is not only safe, it can also be used to mark your territory in low light. 

     My headlights are years old, not as bright, have to squeeze them at time for the battery to make contact, and the headbands are all stretched out. These are the same as above, I have just abused them as I do everything else. And, like my truck, they have seen their share of salty air and water. 

     The brand is Coast and they make a variety of headlamps, these are the best I think. Just enough light in red and white and cheap enough that if they wear out from use you don't vomit from the cost of replacing. 

     I found this pair on Amazon, HERE, where else, $29 and free shipping if you're a Prime member. 

     And as far as safety, few things. Well good to have before you go trying to tie leaders and flies on. Safe for the trek across the sand to where you'll meet the Frank Pallone beach replenishment drop off. Then if you venture out on the rocks, lights and studs in your waders are a must.

     And as far as marking your territory. There's no more boner killer then getting to the beach at O- dark-thirty and as you make your way to "your spot" someone gently flicks on their headlamp for you to know you should have got up earlier.