Sunday, September 8, 2019

09.08.19 It's the most wonderful time of the year.....

     Its September. Full moon on the 14th. Mullet are moving out front.......time for Snake Fly's. Today I took some time to tie up a few in a variety of colors so I wouldn't have to tie on one of last years holdovers that are missing material or have a rusty or weakened hook. 

     If you haven't fished a good mullet run then you don't what you are missing. If the mullet are sized perfectly for the bass that may or may not be around then you are in for a treat. First light is best for the fly-rodder who can watch the mullet in the crest of the waves illuminated by the early morning sun. 

     I tie mine with and without barbell eyes. Mullet swim in the upper third of the water column and a specific v-shaped wake can be seen when a pod of them are making their way down the beach. anglers are starting to see mullet out front from Sandy Hook down to IBSP. Its great that the baits here, now we need whats left of the bass to hit the Jersey Shore and find them.