Monday, April 22, 2019

04.22.19 And then they asked if we caught any fish in the bay.....

....well we didn't. Picked up the boat from Gateway Marine and splashed it just before the rains came. Boat is running strong and in good shape for the year. Erin threw a shad for a bit before I took out the secret weapon I purchased up in Newport RI a few years back. 100% fresh, well not really, menhaden oil. I splashed a little on her shad and was hoping to look like a genius but I wasn't in the end.

     After going in and a short ride, real short, we found the deadboats from NY and south bunched up with a dozen other smaller ones. Didn't see anyone hook up and shortly most went on the troll or headed to other waters. She fished for about an hour without a tap and not much showing on the screen. 

     After dropping her off I hit the beach again for about an hour just before low tide. Water looked great and I covered several beaches with out a tap. I think higher water this time of year is better for the beach, and mornings and evenings always help. 

     On the way home I stopped at the Delaware and above is a pic of current conditions just before high tide. Found some river herring that got caught in the woods on the bigger tide. I'm going to try and tie some up and hopefully will be ready when the conditions clear up a bit. Can't wait for my first Delaware River striped bass.