Thursday, April 18, 2019

04.18.19 Skunkfecta......

     Was dying for the boat to be ready today. Had all the boat gear in my truck and stopped by only to week. Gave it a go- Raritan, well Sandy Hook Bay, out front, and the Delaware......zilich, nada, not a tap.

     There's fish to be had, just not getting them. Below is a pic of one of the big girls that was caught, and released, in the Delaware River today. Now that is what I am looking for! Actually I don't think I would be able to land it with the current river conditions on the fly. Sadly, the river is just starting to

settle down after last weeks rains, and more is scheduled for this weekend. Below are the current conditions that I am following. Gauge height was coming down from 15 feet yesterday....thats a lot of water.