Tuesday, April 16, 2019

04.16.19 A little over there and a little over here....

      Started the day unwrapping the boat and dropping it off at Gateway Marine in the Highlands for spring commissioning. Tune up, new water pump, good overall check and should be ready to splash by the end of the week. Fishing has been real good for the boats so its a good time to go. Now most anglers are using shads and some plugs so its not game-on-fly fishing but the fish are in the bay, and some out front, so it could be a fun trip to go on the hunt. Call or text 732 261 7291 to set something up.

      Since I was in the area I checked out the bay but the honking west wide had white caps and rough water in the Rarity, not to say they don't chew in snotty weather. I decided to go inside and check out a river where there was protection from the wind before it went more north. Fish for 1-1/2 hours on the outgoing and had great conditions (when not in the turbines) but couldn't find a bite. Water was a bit off color and there was some salad here and there but I was hoping to break the seal of the season. 

     I knew the tides in the Delaware were favorable and I had good timing, but with the recent deluge of rain I figured it would be high and off color, with occasional trees coming down the river. A quick 50 minute ride and I was in the water hoping some bass were seeking refuge in an eddy and were hungry. It was high, and way off color, and there was debris floating by. Below are the USGS tables from today in flows and turbidity. I didn't care, learning a new fishery, so I have to put my time in regardless of conditions.

     Fished for about an hour hoping a Deceiver would get a bass hugging the bank......noe, stuck continues. Can't wait till it drops and gets a little more clear. Tis section is running at....59,000 + cfs.
On the way home found some cool fishy art so I stopped to make some cool pics. Back at it in a day or so.