Tuesday, April 16, 2019

04.12.19 First good scout trip....


     First time out for a scout on the Delaware. Found some good spots, talked to some good guys, now just have to put a lot of time in and figure out tides, flows, turbidity, and signs of bait and fish. I made sure I got my New Jersey fishing license which allows me to fish both sides of the river. On the Jersey side the season is "closed" from April 1 - May 31 below the Calhoun Street bridge, however, across the river, the season is open and you can keep a slot fish from 21-26", or close to that, during the Jersey closed season. Doesn't seem like it makes sense to me but thats the regulation.

     Its back to the remembering that I'm fishing a river and backcasts do matter. Of course the higher the tide the less room you have behind you.

     Above is my new "home jetty". A little different from the Jersey Shore but its as close to a groin was I could find. High tide is high here, with a current tidal range of 10 feet, which fluctuate with the river flow. That's 10 feet between tides, so it goes out quick and comes in quick. When your on this "'groin" the water is waist high when you are out there on the high tide, a little different then the shore.

    So far I have fished dead low, and full flood, in the dark and at first light, ad it full sun. Haven't had a tap just yet, but I'm enjoying the process, one day I'll go tight.