Monday, October 30, 2017

10.30.17 Right idea but wrong time.....

     I had a feeling that after all the rain we had that they would be opening the floodgates at The Flume. They did and the gizzard shad poured out with the water, leaves and debris. When I got there the birds were up picking at fish as they poured out and swam over the bar. It was easy pickins. The problem for me was I got there too late. There wasn't much water left. 

     Up and down the beach the water was Yoo-Hoo colored and not much for seeing ant bait or birds. Moving out of the shallows and onto the bar gave me a last ditch shot, and I did go tight, but dropped the fish shortly after he took my fly. The other angler there got a near keeper. I took a long ride and didn't find anything else and when I got back after an hour after the flip it wasn't the same. Wind from the west seemed like 40 at times and the surfers were salivating at the swells that were building. Gonna need a few tides to clear things out. I have spent a lot of time fishing there and it was good to go back.