Sunday, April 24, 2016

04.24.16 Started out front, finished in the river

     Started our early but didn't last long with the crankin' NE chilly wind which froze my ear holes and brain. Water looked great but left to jump on my buddies Paul's boat to check things out on the inside. Lots of racer and gator blues mostly taking subsurface offerings but every now and then blew up to stuff on top. I had a few unbutton, bite off, and landed one on the fly. Below is Jason holding a typical specimen that was out and about today.


     I decided to take a look again at duck and had a good bass swirl behind a Banger. Interestingly the last two days I haven't seen the birds or the bunker like I did a few days ago. Either it's down low or has moved along. They were in thick si it'll be interesting to see over the next few days.