Monday, April 11, 2016

04.11.16 Didn't have much hope but did have fun

     Less than perfect conditions for some early season stripers but it worth a shot. Started out front on the rocks at low tide with SSW winds at 20. Waters cold and I didn't see anything for life while out. It was good though because I was able to scout some spots without water around and getting my confidence and rock feet back early in the season is always good. Made a stop in the river but by the time I got there the tide was still on the ebb and too fast to fish with the fly rod.

     Took the drive in the back where the wind was less an issue and the water temps a more favorable 45 degrees. Walked the beach and a made a few dozen casts before heading west a little more. Found


some guys soaking clams without a tap before making my way out into the skinny water. Rode a sand bar way out looking for some bass that didn't get blown over to the New York side but didn't get a bite nor see anything when the sun peaked through and lit up the flats. I have to remember to load my other stripping basket that has no holes if I'm going to be fishing on the move.

     I didn't see any bait or birds working but did see two straggling gulls dive into the water at some point which I thought could be promising. I snagged a grass shrimp on a retrieve which I'm sure the bass that are around are eating when not on the bunker or herring that is reportedly around. We need a good warm spell like we had a few weeks back where the temps in the bay were up just about 50 degrees.