Monday, April 18, 2016

04.18.16 Things are about to get good for the fly rodders

     Gettin's gonna be good real soon on the fly rod. The warm air and water temperatures will set the table this week for some good action. When? Where? On what? That's for each individual angler to find out....for themselves. That more than half the fun. You just gotta get out there and put your time in. Now that's not to say a little help from a friend or two doesn't help.
     Water temps in the shallows of the bay are over 50, and even higher with the midday sun. You know what they say about the benchmark of 50 right? Topwater offerings start getting attention. Today I fished some creek mouths on the outgoing. First walking the sedges and then walking the flats. Absolutely gorgeous out there even though my first stop didn't produce.

          I stopped at a place where catching a sand bar can you put you out nice and far and into deeper water. I was greeted by the waft of burning wood which came from the remnants of a beach fire that either kids or anglers had fired up during the night. I had to position myself away from the debris and foam line that was created as the creek emptied out during the ebb tide. I didn't see any bait, except for a peanut washed up on the beach. I was hoping mummichogs, peanuts, or silversides would be at my feet but I think for now the fish are on the shrimp or the bigger bunker. Look for the bluefish to arrive any day, hopefully they'll hold off a bit and let the bass come and graze before they make their spawning runs up the Hudson.