Thursday, April 7, 2016

04.07.16 Back from the abyss.....well back from a years off journey

Good bye Roseld.......
      So I decided that today would be my first trip out. Didn't care about the wind, weather or tide I was just going to give it a shot as it has been far too long since I had a fly rod in my hand and the taste of salt on my tongue.


     After a tough 2014 year as a full time fly fishing guide I had to make some changes. I finally had realized that I was funding a hobby than a profitable business. I know that people don't guide to get rich, but for me, the fluctuations and variables that go with fish and cash flow were to unstable to stay all in. There are many out there that can do it full time, sadly with many mouths to feed, and more educations to fund, I had to make a move. I returned to nursing and took a job in a hospitals pediatric psychiatric crisis unit. It has been, well first a big change, and both emotionally and (steadily) financially rewarding. During this past year I returned to school and will graduate next month with my BSN and will start the Nurse Practitioner program at Monmouth University in the fall.

    So, I am back in. To those who looked forward and read the blog daily I am sorry that I had to go. I have seen over the past year when I did post I always would say "I'm back after a long break..." but then there would be a long break again. This time, I'm back in. I am taking reservations for walk and


wade and boat trips along the Jersey Shore starting in May. Today I visited my boat and made sure all the commissioned work was in place for smooth sailings this spring. For those that have contacted me I look forward to getting out with you again, for those that want to fish give me a call.

     I have a made few changes that may be temporary. For 2016 I decided to not be involved in the Orvis Endorsed Guide Program. With all the expenses hitting me I couldn't afford the program, and I'm still paying off the 2015 monies due. Even though I am not participating I will always call myself an Orvis guy, and guide. Also, I did not renew my credentials for guiding on the Upper Delaware Rivers, but one day hope to return. I missed not fishing there last year, and I haven't been involved in the FUDR One Bug last year or this year which is April 29-May 2. It is great weekend and it's again a thing that I dearly miss.

Sad news from up there is the recent passing of Dr. Peter Bossum,
a great man that I had the pleasure of fishing with, who was dedicated to preserve and conserve the Catskill rivers with the FUDR.



     So this morning I started by breaking in a new pair of Orvis RiverGuard Silver Label waders that have been kept as a back up pair in the box for several years. I headed out from Red Bank and started in the Shrewsbury River and then went over to the ocean and worked my way down to Asbury. I finished up in the Raritan Bay on the flats, thinking the higher water temps and an outgoing tide might get me a bite, but it didn't. It was great to get out, sad to see all the changes, but they have created a new game out there as much scouting is now needed to locate structure and find where where fish will hold, if they do at all.

     There's really no spot burns any more along the beach, at least in the classic areas. I fished Roosevelt and, like everywhere else I stopped, was sickened by what I found. A metal bulkhead and rock wall was built on the south side of the pump house leading to Popular Brook. This falls right in line with the two houses who's property extends to the ocean. Surely this will accommodate lush green lawns and posted property, just like on the north side. This will prevent walking access from Roosevelt to Phillips, and, in my opinion, eventually close that beach to public access, making Phillips Avenue basically for access and parking for the beach club members.

     Here's just about as bad as I saw.....the view from Darlington looking to Roseld...... there's no groin anymore. I spent countless days and nights on those rocks. Below is a pick with anglers on Roseld when the fish were around. What a great place when you either had to fish north or south with the fly rod due to the wind.

     I gave 8th Avenue a shot just in case any bait was being flushed out of the flume. Sad to see what became of the north side with all the sand filled in.

     And for more happy viewing here's Marine......another storied place for the Jersey surf and flycasters....gone forever, because not only did they cover it, they notched it. Below is what it looked like when many would stop and scout during those early morning trips.


     With the wind going southeast the bay was a better shot, but hard on the backcast......