Tuesday, April 12, 2016

04.12.16 Great night with Ian at The Atlantic Saltwater Flyrodder

     Great night down at Klee's on the Boulevard in Seaside for the monthly Atlantic Saltwater Flyrodder's meting. Tonight we had Captain Ian Devlin from Connecticut as a speaker. If you know Ian you know when you are talking to him he is in another plane, meaning he probably has forgot more about the topic than you'll know. He is known for his Devlin Blends inspired from Steve Farrar's Flash Blend and his recent work work with Mark Sedotti, who took the ride down, on the G. Loomis ShortStix series.

    Ian is hardcore and not only questions anything and everything but then breaks it down and figures how it can be made to work better. He fascinated me when I saw him with a grain scale and he would spend time weighing his fly lines and heads for accuracy. He guides the Long Island Sound and the rivers in Connecticut near Norwalk. If you'd like to contact him he can be reached at (203) 451-9400 if he's not out on the water.