Friday, November 21, 2014

11.21.14 Miserable cold out there, but found a few to bite.....


     Last night around 8 o'clock it was 43 degrees. I felt like this morning would be a nice morning out on the beach. I went out to my truck at 11 pm and the temp felt like it dropped 20 degrees. This morning it was 27 minus whatever the bone chilling WNW wind dropped it down to.


     I stopped at a pocket and tossed a Brad Buzzi sand eel fly and found a few to bite back to back. I saw a few swirls but after about twenty minutes my hands were just about numb making casting and retrieving painful and holding a camera and trying to work the controls useless. The two fish may have been 35 inches between them and they were skinny and not stuffed like they had been on the bait and eating for days. But, at least its some life and a few on the fly.


     This weekend temps are expected to hit the 40's, 50's, and 60's with the wind swinging to the WSW. The west wind is good, but at over 20 its keeping the surf flat and not to exciting.