Tuesday, November 4, 2014

11.04.14 Back to snag and drop fishing, at least where I was......

     Love that we are back to light early in the morning. Headed out before sunrise and found conditions as I left them yesterday. Flat calm seas with no signs of fish. Unlike yesterday the beat I was on had pods of bunker passing in front, albeit far off, the groin tips.
     I joined two spin guys who were anticipating a bunker pod to get within range to tempt up a bass on their topwater plugs. The boat traffic was light but one solo boat did see what we saw and they set up perfectly ahead of a nervous pod. We watched as they snagged and dropped and soon the gaff was readied and three bass came over the gunnel.
     I fished near the beach end back to fishing structure and moving water. I still threw a bunker fly but will make the switch today downsizing to a more peanut bunkery or sand eel pattern. But, I will keep that go to fly close by if I need it.