Friday, October 10, 2014

10.10.14 Nice morning out front....and a great night at Orvis Marlton

     Got out at 5am with the waning gibbous moon lighting up the beach and the water. West wind and an incoming tide had the water flat.....and relatively lifeless. Fished up and down the beach and on the rocks without a touch. Jumped in and fished with Leif who always seems to find the fish even on a slow day, but not today. As the sun came up a combination of rain bait and peanut bunker was nervous and tight to the beach but we couldn't connect. A wind switch and some waves and good white water should really get things going.

     Last night I traveled down to Orvis Marlton to kick off their Orvis Days. Great crowd and lots of interest from the trout-to-salt group. Several signed up for the Orvis 301 class we are running at IBSP on Saturday the 18th. It is shaping up to be a good group with folks from NYC, NJ, and PA signing up.