Wednesday, August 31, 2011

08.31.11 Here's a good shot of Ausable Forks...a day after the flooding

 Adirondack Daily Enterprise - Lou Reuter 

     Here's a great shot of my section of Ausable Forks in New York. Our homes are the green and blue ones to the right and just above the bridge. To the left is the Jay side and to the right is the Black Brook side. The West Branch is running straight up the frame and the East Branch is at the bottom left. Junction Pool is above the two trees dead center on the bottom and then the Ausable River goes to the right.

To give you an idea the below image shows the blue building in the lower right part of the above picture, during the worst part of the storm. I am surprised that more of the towns didn't get swamped with more mud than we did since all the roads were a blowing part of the rivers.