Tuesday, August 23, 2011

08.23.11 Hit the beach in Lavalette early

     I met up with friend and fellow Agency New Jersey photographer Rob Yaskovic down in Lavalette this morning. Rob is from Sussex County and is down vacationing with his family. He hasn't fly fished the salt much but after a go with the Orvis 10 wt Helios and 9wt Access he was sending flies out over the breakers and getting down a double haul or two. We fished some tiny baitfish flies for snappers that weren't there and down low for fluke that weren't there either. We saw some spearing in the wash but no fish or birds on them.
     We jumped back into the bay and tried the same flies on top for snappers. I guy throwing a popper off the end of the dock didn't get any either. It was a nice time on a beautiful morning. It was cool enough to make me think that an albie would bust right in front of us, soon enough.